Thank you for your kind words, Eric. I wish we all listened to all survivors more because I am only one voice and one perspective. I never talked about these things publicly until I was in my 30s and didn't have to worry so much about it impacting my job prospects (which is a huge privilege!). I read some of your poetry -- it is really powerful and beautiful.

As for the Q apologist, I've accepted that it just comes with the territory of writing. I've had trolls tell me much worse things and gradually, I'm getting better at deflecting it. I just try to remind myself that trolls are human too and that the QAnon followers are vulnerable to the lure of their cult because they are frightened and grasping at anything to make sense of the world right now. Maybe that's naive, but I have to try to be optimistic somehow.

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Sabra is a child trafficking survivor who is seeking an agent for her true crime memoir | The Glass Castle x The Godfather |

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