I agree that QAnon followers care about children. That is exacly the reason the QAnon movement has been able to use #SaveTheChildren as a powerful zeitgeist to mobilize a bipartisan group of concerned people and manipulate their fears. I recognize that I am only one survivor perspective with one set of experiences, but all the child trafficking survivors I know are also horrified by QAnon's propaganda.

There is a difference between building awareness of child trafficking and QAnon followers dangerously stoking a moral panic that erodes real, pragmatic work to fight child trafficking. What have QAnon followers done, other than building awareness? Because I might be wrong, but I am not familiar with any QAnon efforts to reform and increase funding for child welfare services or encouraging followers to volunteer with homeless youth and other vulnerable populations (i.e. cooking, tutoring, housing services, etc.). Instead I have seen QAnon followers post memes about COVID masks making children more easy to abduct, but nothing about building awareness around the fact that most children are trafficked by a parent, relative, or family friend.

I'm not familiar with John Paul Rice, but in looking for his film I found the Backstage ad casting call for "A Child's Voice". It's a little concerning that Rice's production company produced the movie non-union with a child actor in the cast. They paid actors a rate of only $100 per day. This means that if they shot for 8 hours, that averages out to $12.50 per hour. The California minimum wage is $12 per hour which seems borderline exploitive. I have not watched the movie because I found the synopsis of a ghost child telling a homeless teenager to save a trafficking victim offensive. I am also very skeptical of anti-trafficking media produced by non-survivors. https://www.backstage.com/casting/a-childs-voice-179842/

All this is to say, I agree that awareness is great, but it is not an effective way to fight child trafficking if it erodes and distracts from real pragmatic efforts to address the underlying causes of vulnerability to child trafficking like domestic violence, housing instability, CPS reform, healthcare, education, mental health resources, and poverty. In other words, I would trust QAnon's motives more if the memes used accurate statistics with measurable calls to action.

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Sabra is a child trafficking survivor who is seeking an agent for her true crime memoir | The Glass Castle x The Godfather | sabraboyd.com

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